Extreme Fear and Anxiety in Dogs

What is fear and anxiety in dogs?

Dog anxiety or fear of common problems for dogs and pets. Common problems are the separation anxiety associated with leaving the dog alone. Some experts have shown that about 18% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety and other factors that are high noise.

Dogs can tolerate fear behavior from a wide range of conditions. So include thunderstorms metabolism, car rides, children, and much more that are common problems that cause anxiety in dogs.

Importance of finding cause of anxiety in dogs

Many dogs suffer from fear or phobia, it is important to try to find out why. Discovering the source of fear in the dog may be cumbersome for both the owner and the dog so overcoming the fear is useful to great shape. This is useful because it will end the anxiety in the dog and the suffering that your dog is going through.

Do genetic factors affect anxiety in dogs?

Genetics additionally play a job in fearful behavior. even as a dog will inherit coat color and size from his folks, thus will he inherit temperament traits.

It is smart that a keep and the timid dog is additional doubtless to provide keep and timid offspring. It is troublesome to work out whether or not a dog’s concern stems from genetic science, however, one clue is that a dog whose concern stems from a genetic predisposition might seem fearful to several things instead of having only 1 specific phobic disorder. There are some breeds that are typically additionally excitable than others.

Fear that’s thanks to genetic factors is troublesome to beat. It is useful, however, to figure with a dog trainer or behaviorist United Nations agency has expertise operating with fearful dogs.

whereas they’ll not be ready to place your dog’s fears to rest entirely, it’s doable to alter the degree of the concern so as to create your dog happier and easier in an exceeding style of things.

Lack of Early Socialization

One of the foremost common causes of a concern or anxiety disorder in dogs may be a lack of early socialization. Dogs undergo an essential amount of development once they are between the ages of eight and sixteen weeks.

Dogs that are not exposed to new things throughout this era might become petrified of new things later in life. this can be one among the most reasons dogs become petrified of things like riding within the automobile, meeting strangers, and growing and downstairs.

Phobias and fears that develop because of a scarcity of early socialization could also be remedied by exposing a dog to the items he’s scared of victimization a lot of positive reinforcement.

By slowly obtaining your dog want to unfamiliar with individuals, places, and objects, you’ll be ready to eliminate the concern or anxiety disorder entirely, or a minimum of ease the degree of the dog’s concern.

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